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2016 Census data now available – what’s your story?

By Paul Shipp Jun 2017

The First Release of the 2016 Census results were made available on 27th June. It has been 5 years since this crucial demographic information has been newly available – we are excited to analyse the changes and implications for Councils and developers over the coming weeks. Urban Enterprise has access to a range of customised datasets and can provide demographic analysis, spatial / thematic mapping, housing demand assessments and a range of other data analysis. Importantly, our analysis goes beyond simply obtaining and presenting the new data – our planners and urban economists are experienced in analysing spatial and social trends and identifying implications for planning strategies, property markets and investment decisions. We are available to update existing reports to incorporate the new data, and to prepare new assessments to ensure decisions are informed by the most up to date and accurate data available. Please contact Paul Shipp on 9482 3888 to discuss the opportunities for your business.