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$8 Million in State Government Funding for Budj Bim Heritage Landscape

By Mike Ruzzene May 2016

Urban Enterprise first recognised the potential of the Budj Bim Heritage Landscape in the preparation of the Great Ocean Road Destination Management Plan in 2011. Investment in the Budj Bim Heritage Landscape to create an international tourism destination was identified as a priority project for the Great Ocean Road Region in the Plan.

The Budj Bim Heritage Landscape controlled and managed by the Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners includes the world’s first engineering project which supported the collection of eels and dates back 6600 years. In addition to this the area was one of the most densely settled aboriginal communities in Australia and includes remnants of stone dwellings.

The Budj Bim Heritage Landscape is one of the most significant aboriginal heritage sites in Australia and the $8 million investment will help support its application to be included on the World Heritage List.

Urban Enterprise undertook a detailed tourism and economic benefit assessment to inform the masterplan prepared in conjunction with Tract Consultants and Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners.

The $8 Million will deliver quality infrastructure to support visitors to Budj Bim Heritage including interpretations buildings, trail networks, visitor facilities and arrival spaces and accommodation.